Monday, June 4, 2007

So we made it to california!!! Anyone who was doubting us was clearly underestimating us.. We have a billion pictures including polaroids..

Weve had so much fun and I know we'll be talking about the random jokes for forever.. Weve decided that were obnoxious, elitest, new yorkers, and insane.. We get more wired as the day goes on and we pity all of the people that have had to deal with us past 10pm.. My ipods been on since the second we left so wed like to thank mr soda pop curtis for taking care of us.. Also anyone that's left us blog comments, read it, sent us texts, emails, called, voicemails.. Whatever.. It was awesome..

Weve taken up taking to other cars in t road.. When car is from a different state than were in we ask them where all their shit is and if they'll take some of ours.. Then we tend to ask people from california if they'll just let us hitch onto them and bring us to where we need to go.. No one answers back, obviously, so we just answer for them..

We also try to figure out what the cloud are shaped like.. I think I use my imagination a little bi more than kim does.. I keep seeing kangaroos (another word not in my phone already), shoes, cars.. It goes on..

Yesterday in new mexico I swear I saw a wawa.. It clearly wasn't a wawa but goddamn did I wish it was..

Weve seen more of the south than we may have wanted.. But thank god were in del taco land.. I woud like a veggie works kthanks.. Its been over a year.. The only thing missing from what I see as my california is now john.. Who is back in new york.. But when I get back to new york the one thing I'll be missing is my kim.. Even trade, yes.. More sadness? Definitely.. At least for the past few months I've had both of them even when johns on tour.. Now I'm down to the one :(

I'm sure therell be a few more entries before I go home.. But this might be the last one from the car..

We passed bakersfield.. Oh how everyone know how I LOVE that city.. The only good thing about that place was that the loved ones/paint it black/shook ones tour ended up there.. Besides that, no thanks!!!

So kim/carolina.. You're in my heart, 3000 miles away.. xo

Signing off from the jeep,
Xwendix/augusta rae/louise and kk/carolina/thelma

Were in california!!! More later!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Were in arizona.. Kim said that by the time we get to san diego were gunna be rabid.. So I just took a picture that illustrates me as being rabid..

Were clearly losing it.. Not that we had it, but its gone now.. Haha..

xwendix/augusta rae

Earlier we were in santa fe.. We took some sktchy ass road to get here.. We could have taken 25 but then I get the bright idea to take 285 because why? It says santa fe on the sign.. So the second we get on this road we do the "uhhh...... Is this the right way?" kinda thing.. We were on that for about 40-50 minutes.. That's what we estimated at least. We didn't start paying attention until a little while in when we realized wed been there a while.

Eventually we start seeing signs for santa fe.. Fast forward a little while, we get the book out and look for a hotel.. We find one.. That's not the funny part.. The funny part is that we get to the hotel and were looking for parking.. That's any normal task for someone that isn't us.. BUT since it IS us..

We finally find a spot that isn't in rapeville and park.. We walk in, all I bring in is my wallet.. We walk past the pool and see 2 people swimming and 1 on the lounge chair.. For some reason this was hilarious to us and e were laughing uncontroably.. We managed to gather ourselves and get inside to get a room.. We bought in a few of our things and dropped em.. We sat down for a few minutes to get settled.. And then we went back for the rest.. As we ere walking out of the room I said "you have the keys right?" kim took that as do you have the room key.. Went in and grabbed the other card.. We walked out, walked the to car and she goes "you have the car keys right?" I was like uhhh.. NO! And she pulled her room key card out.. This is when the laughing starts again.. So hard that I actually sat down in the middle of the parking lot crying because I was laughing.. I finally got up, we walked back inside and got the car keys.. Were pretty sure the guy at the front desk wasn't as amused by us as we were..

So today we went to santa fe to go shopping.. We love santa fe.. So much fun.. We ended up there a lot longer than we though we would have been.. We made friends with a woman in the first shop we went to, which as it happened was the last one we went to too.. She ended up giving me thid necklace that I liked because I'm going to have to restring it anyway.. I also finally got a new shell necklace to replace the one from when I was 5 that I broke a few years ago..

Now were on 40... Again... Its really clear out ad we can see for forever..

Kim wanted me to write about what she forgot from oklahoma city.. In the movie theatre they had a simpsons couch where you could sit down with them.. Of course we did.. I blogged while I sat there :) we took pictures.. It was awesome..

Joseph.. I still stand by it nobody wants to go to new mexico!

xwendix/augusta rae

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ok so we are now in new mexico and wendi feels that is news enough for a blog. As far as i'm concerned anything is better than oklahoma city-not that there's anything wrng with okc it just doesn't like me diving there much. I blame okc for my near meltdown last night, but that's all in the past now. Today started off with me trying to decipher if a napkin was intended to be used as a napkin or a makeshift coffee filter- turned out to be just a napkin- the coffee came in its own self contained pouch. The movie:knocked up helped fix the crapiness of last night as well. And wendi and I didn't get lost gettibg to this movie theatre so that was a huge extra bonus. However, of course there's a however you didn't think wendi and I pulled it off without a single hitch did you?! Once we got to the theatre without getting lost we could not find the entrance and resorted to going through the exit.
Some things you may not know about movie theatres in okc it costs four dollars to see a movie, if you look like wendi or me they'll ask to check your I'd for r movies, also a side note the quail spring amc theatre is very nice in case you ever find yourself in oklahoma city wondering which movie theatre to go to. The reason I feel obliged to share that it was a nice and relatively sophisticated theatre is because while we were standing on line wendi asked if ithought they had one of those credi card ticket kiosks and my response was ''wendi, we're in oklahoma city!'' but on to my texas story. So we stopped toget gas in texas and then noticed this plastic horse so after getting gas and taking ridiculous pictures we get back to the car and this guy walking to his car starts talking out loud about new york abd as he gets closer asks if we are really from new york us saying we were didn't seem to please this man and then he proceeded to inform us that he had a girlfriend who was an rn in new york but was from jersey. He then asked if we hated texas and then asked if we hated bush in which I respectfully replied :"no comment". He then inquired if I was going to vote for clinton and upon hearing that I hate her and would never vote for her I magically became less evil and he wished us a safe trip and offered the following directions to get to san diego "take 40 and then make a left"
That's all the stories for now!
Kk a.k.a. carolina
Texas... Worst welcome ever... No sign or anything!! Back to driving..

xwendix/augusta rae

I forgot a huge detail in the last blog!!! The rain!!!!

We hit an insane amount of rain in arkansas and then slightly less in oklahoma.. We watched a car from arkansas pull over while we were still there and decided that its probably a good idea to follow in their tracks.. We stayed on the side of 40 for about 10 minutes.. The rain let up and we wated th line of cars that did the same pull back on.. So we decided it was ok to do it also.. Then in oklahoma we had rain that wasn't as bad, but not too far off.. We didn't have to pull off but we were behind someone else was going crazy slow so we stuck behind them with our hazards on.. Then of course 10 minutes later it was perfect weather again..

Adventure for today? Going to see knocked up in oklahoma city... Our excursion from last night did not repeat itself... Now were headed off to santa fe..

xwendix/augusta rae